Ready for a night at the swingers club? Planning out what you’ll wear on your excursion is part of the excitement! Knowing what to wear to a swingers club, party, resort or convention isn’t hard to figure out, but makes all the difference with your experience. This guide to dressing for a swingers event will give you a few helpful hints and suggestions.WOMEN’S CLUB WEAR

First of all, remember to dress comfortably for your night out. Next, your goal should be to wear clothing that will turn heads! What you wear should attract not only the attention of your partner, but other people you will be seen by. Getting noticed at any social event begins with what you are wearing, and dressing for a swingers event is no different. Men and women both are visual, and the first impression you make can, in some cases, make it or break it. You have heard the phrase Dress to Impress. How you are dressed at the swingers club can greatly effect your chances of hooking up. Not that you have to wear a bright slash dress that screams “I’m here!”, but dress to let other people know that you are ready for the party.

Think of dressing for a night at a swingers club like dressing for your mood. Be as daring as you want to be. Use your imagination! Sexy, provocative clothing and outfits are always a top choice for the club, party or convention. Gauge what you will wear based on what type of swingers event you are going to attend:

  • Theme Nights. When a swingers club or resort is having a theme night, it is fairly simple to figure out what to wear. A costume or outfit for the theme! For example, if it is Leather and Lace night, wear outfits that are made of leather and/or lace. If the theme for the night is Naughty School Girl, then where a risky school girl costume!
  • Meet and Greet. If a swingers group or club is holding a Meet and Greet, what you wear may depend on the location. If the event is held at a local bar, dress sexy but tone it to have respect for the general public. If the Meet and Greet is at a swingers club, wear sexy clothing that shows a bit of skin and conveys an alluring and playful tone.
  • Swingers Parties. Many times, swingers parties and nights at clubs are non-themed. Use the Dress to Impress tone at swingers parties and clubs. Remember that you will more than likely be down to your lingerie and under garments fairly early in the evening. As the night goes on, the atmosphere will get sexier, and you’ll be wearing less – if anything!

Note that there are some types of clothing that you should avoid wearing to any type of swingers event. It is an un-written rule that you never wear jeans to a swingers club. Some clubs will post guidelines and standards about what you can and cannot wear on their websites. Other clothing you want to avoid: Sweat pants, athletic clothes, work clothes.

What you wear can also indicate what you are or are not open to at the event. If you plan on attending a swingers club party or event and only have the intention of being voyeurs, wearing a crotchless fishnet bodystocking with six-inch stiletto heals might send the wrong message. The more you bare with your outfits, the more provocative you will become in the eyes of other swingers. Again, dress for your mood. Be as decadent and sexy with your clothing as you want to be, and what your intentions are.

Notes for the guys: If your lady dresses hot, you should too! Do what ever it takes so that you don’t “clash” with your partner. At most non-themed club events, wear darker casual dress slacks and shirts that fit well. For Meet and Greet events, the same is true – dress as well as your wife or girlfriend, and keep in mind respect for the general public. Theme nights are simple because you should be able to easily match outfits or costumes.

Have fun and be sure to dress for the occasion!

Source: playpassions

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